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Buds & Blossoms is a Mandarin Immersion program, meaning when they walk through the door, they’re already starting on their jouney to learning Chinese! Our curriculum is built organically based on the children’s curiosity and imagination. Respecting each child’s interest and individuality, we encourage children to explore their environment and themselves. We offer a full day, Mandarin Immersion/Reggio Emilia Inspired child care center.

  • Warm, supportive, respectful high-quality education and childcare, for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

  • Chinese (Mandarin) immersion

  • Beautiful classrooms

  • Licensed program

  • Low student to teacher ratio


 We have fresh, hot meals and snacks delivered daily from a nut-free facility right here in Boston. Please check our example menu! We ask that parents of all infants provide their own formula/ breast milk and foods.

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2 months – 15 months

Infants spend time participating in stimulating activities

  • Music

  • Movement

  • Art

  • Personalized nap/ eating schedule

  • Outdoor playtime

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15 months – 33 months

Toddlers enjoy free choice play as well as group activities, and learn in a natural manner, honoring the differences among children.

  • Socialization

  • Self-reliance skills (such as potty use) are experienced

  • Outdoor play and walks in the neighborhood.

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33 months – 7 years

Social and self-help skills learning experiences are part of the daily routine. Play-based and organized group learning experiences.

  • Outdoor play

  • Walks in the neighborhood.

  • Field trips to libraries, markets, and other community destinations


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Buds & Blossoms is a Mandarin immersion childcare program. Children are immersed in the Chinese language the moment they’re greeted at the door. Learning tonal languages is easier for children, because they are more sensitive to differences in sounds. The younger a child begins learning, the more accurately they can replicate these sounds. Furthermore, this familiarity with tones and sounds can actually help cultivate musical ability in children!


There is no set curriculum with Reggio Emilia. The classroom is constantly evolving and developing lessons based on, and guided by, the children's interest. Under Reggio Emilia, Teachers act as mentors and guides. Their role is to observe and listen to children’s inquiries and observations, and provide opportunities for them to further develop their own interests.

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